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Don’t take your pain for granted…beat it with prosoma

Muscle pain is most common form of pain according to a survey, most of the people complain about pain and 82% among those are fighting with skeltomuscle pain. Skeltomuscle pain comes from muscle injury, stretching exercise or sprains etc. people suffering from skeltomuscle pain use pain removal cream, spray which does not make them feel relax. Most of the time pain killers show their action after a long time but at the time of pain, patient can’t bear pain even for few minutes so to beat pain in couple of minutes, prosoma is formulated. Prosoma is a potent analgesic which has quick onset of action, when taken it goes to the blood stream immediately and gives relief from pain.

Carisoprodol is a chief component of prosoma acts on central nervous system. It works by blocking pain sensation. Carisoprodol changes the pain recognition process. In general our body responds to pain when brain receives the message of pain stimuli through sensory nerves. Carisoprodol blocks their passage this way nerves could not deliver message to pain; body gets relieved from pain.

As this is a pain killer so should only be used at the time of pain. It can be taken two to three times in a day. Consume one pill just before sleeping. Do not take overdose for enhancing pain removing action. Prosoma is taken orally without food. Discontinuation of pill can lead to withdrawal symptoms so it should not be taken more than 2-3 weeks. Maximum of 1400 mg can be taken in a day.
v  Use of prosoma is not recommended in case of allergy from carisoprodol.

v  Avoid taking these pills in early pregnancy and lactation period.
v  Patients of kidney, liver and blood should not consume prosoma.
v  Never stop taking prosoma without knowing your physician.
Some users of prosoma complains about skin rashes, dizziness, Irritation, Nervousness, hazy vision, Nausea, Weakness, GIT disturbances, buzzing sound in ears, changes in heartbeat, vomiting.

For a pain free, healthy and fit life, buy prosoma online at minimum possible price.

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